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3.5w 6v Solar Panels Mini 2.0 USB Module System Kit Epoxy Cell Charger DIY


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  •  5″ x 5″ square
  • 5V maximum power
  • diode protection
  • mounting holes
  • solder tabs for soldering wires
  • highly efficient poly crystalline cells


Out of stock

Operating voltage: 6 v
Power: 3.5W
Work: current 580mA
output: USB 2.0
Net weight: about 3.3oz
Size: 165 * 135 * 2mm

Package included :
1x solar panel USB Solar Battery Charger

Build your DIY powered models/solar toys / solar displays
When the voltage of your solar panel doesn’t satisfy your storage battery, you can take two or more same solar panels together in series. Such as, two 6v solar panels take together in series, so its voltage is 12V. when the voltage of the solar panel satisfies your storage battery. In order to Speed up the rate of charge, you can take two or more same solar panels together parallel connection.
It can be used for teaching purposes. Many of our customers come from school, colleagues, etc.
You can charge the emergency when you are traveling, or when your cell phone battery is dead time.

Weight0.27 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 0.5 in