650nm 220-250mw 3-4.5VDC Focusable Adjustable Red Laser Dot Module


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Product details
Wavelength: 650nm (red laser)
Optical power: 220~250 MW
Voltage: 3~4.5VDC (mobile phone battery or three dry batteries can be used)
Shell: Copper (nickel plated)

Laser Shape : Dot
Focusable : yes
Diameter: 12mm
Length: 45mm
Connection method: red is positive, black is negative

Users must read:

1. Laser Module power is relatively large, prohibiting exposure to the eyes (including the cute little animals), otherwise it will cause permanent eye blindness, consequences.

2. prohibited flammable objects and gas sites use to avoid fires and explosions.

3. ban for children to play.

4. Do not open the module to avoid damage.

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