10pcs 5W 45mil 3V~3.5V 1400ma 90-100LM Full Spectrum LED Grow Light LED Chip with 20mm StarBead


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Product Description

Why use a Full spectrum led chip?

Full-spectrum LED’s are the newest trend for indoor plants. Advanced full-spectrum LED grow light chips do not provide light from a single color spectrum, instead provide a broad spectrum of 380nm~840nm,  more similar to sunlight. Most of the light provided is in the red and blue spectrum, which is best for plant growth. This is a revolutionary step for LED grows lights which have previously been unable to act as the sole light source for the indoor garden. Suitable for all stages of plant growth.

10PCS 5W LED with 20mm Star Base:
Power: 5W
Voltage : 3 ~ 3.5V
Current : 1400mA
Color : full spectrum
Wavelength : 380nm~840nm

Packing Include :
10 x 5W full spectrum LED with 20mm Star Base



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