10 PCS – OUTEMU (Gaote) 3 Pin Keyswitch – Cherry MX Equivalent Switches for Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Red/Blue/Brown/Black


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10 PCS – OUTEMU (Gaote) Switch 3 Pin Keyswitch -Cherry MX Equivalent DIY Switches for Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Red/Blue/Brown/Black

Red, Brown, Black – Linear:  Smooth and consistent keystroke with a quiet noise.
Blue – Tactile:  A small bump on each keystroke with moderate noise.

Features: Gateron Switches have quickly become one of the most sought-after names in the keyboard community.
Gateron Switches use copper click leaves and softer plastic stems, making for an unparalleled, smooth typing experience.
Gateron produces a secure fit for any keycaps and all stems are compatible with MX housing, letting you pick from the wide variety of available keycaps.
Mechanical keyboards (Replaceable switch) series is designed to allow you to change your key switches without the hassle of soldering.
This caters to anyone who uses their keyboard for multiple purposes.


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Red: Linear, Blue: Tactile, Brown: Linear, Black: Linear