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GaAs Laser Focus Lens Dia 19.05mm FL 50.8 – 63.5mm


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GaAs Focus Lens Dia 19.05mm FL 38.1/63.5

Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) is the material of choice in dirty or high- splatter environments. It has a relatively high hardness which helps repel debris particles. It also has a high thermal conductivity which helps transmit heat away from embedded particles.

  • GaAs is used for optical windows, lenses, mirrors, prisms and optical blanks, plates, disks, sheets, slabs, particularly for infrared applications.
  • GaAs – transparent in a wide spectral range from yellow (visible) to far IR. GaAs material is a chemically inert, non-hygroscopic and highly pure product that is very effective in many optical applications due to its extremely low bulk losses, high resistance to thermal shock and stability in virtually all environments, easily machined. To obtain superior transmittance, GaAs crystals are grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition process. GaAs is polycrystalline material, demonstrates superior CO2 laser transmittance and is employed in the transmission optical components used in CO2 laser processing.

GaAs Focus Lens Dia 20mm FL 38.1 - 101.6mm
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