Cloudray Handheld CO2 Laser Tube Power Meter 0-200W HLP-200 For Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine


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Product description

1. Small & Portable.
2. Built-in Power Supply. Easy to Use.
3. Direct Reading. High-precision measurement.
Tips:Because of the requirements of the logistics company, the item without the battery.

This difference in each measurement is normal, the power meter itself has a 2-5% error, the laser tube output power is not a constant value, and the output power is also related to the room temperature.


  • Model HLP-200 
  • Measure Range 0-200W 
  • Calibration Wavelength 10.6um 
  • Tolerance +/- 3% within the central section 
  • Battery 3V/3.6V, 2032 button batteries 
  • Display 4 numeric LED display 
  • Min. Resolution 0.1W 
  • Light Sensitive Area Dia. 20mm 
  • Cooling Natural Cooling 
  • Application CO2 Laser tube
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