LERDGE-K 3D Printer Board ARM 32Bit Controller Motherboard for 3D Printer Control Mainboard


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LERDGE 3D Printer Heated Bed Power Expansion Module High Power Module expansion board with Cable

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LERDGE 3D printer motherboard hot bed expansion interface adapter module

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Lerdge-K is an upgraded version of the Lerdge-S motherboard. The most essential difference is that with all the functions of the Lerdge-S motherboard, an auxiliary motor control port is added, and the auxiliary motor can be flexibly expanded to dual X-axis, dual Y-axis and dual Z-axis models. It can also be used as a synchronous motor for the E0 or E1 extruder to design a printer that operates in parallel.
Lerdge-K board make the printer design flexible, and also provides hardware support for later motherboard expansion of the third extruder or support for two independent nozzles model  .(This feature is temporarily not open, the software needs to be improved and tested, and it needs to wait for a while.)  
After summarizing the user feedback and suggestions of the Lerdge-S motherboard, the Lerdge-K motherboard has been added with very good electrical hardware protection to ensure that the Lerdge-K motherboard is more resistant! ! ! At the same time, the temperature measurement method is also modified. The PT100 temperature measurement is available, by which it can handle the temperature range of -50 degrees to 550 degrees, and the high temperature special material printing can be easily carried out to unlock a new printing field.

Model number:LERDGE-K Board

Shipping list:

Lerdge K



Hotend=Thermistors temperature measurement(ntc 100k and PT100)
Heatbed=Thermistors temperature measurement(ntc 100k)
Support 3d printer types:XYZ、Detla、CoreXY、CoreXZ、Ultimaker、Hbot
1. More modules used with the Lerdge motherboard will be available, please add our store to your list for more convenient checking.
2. We support both retail and wholesale, please feel free to contact us for more details. More files will be provided for your reference.
3. The latest firmware download address: lerdge.com
About power continued to play function: Lerdge-K motherboard comes with printing pause, printing save, and start-up function. But if you need the function of saving power and continue to play when power off unexpectedly, and the function of automatically turning off after the printing finished, a power monitoring module is needed.
About printing instructions: The Lerdge-K motherboard defaults to offline printing (Use TF card printing or U disk printing). If need the online printing, an online module is needed.
About the Lerdge-K motherboard auxiliary motor function description: The auxiliary motor can be used for dual X-axis, dual Y-axis, dual Z-axis or copy extruder E0 or extruder E1 (depending on the specific model of the printer), but it can not be used for the third extruder.
About the use of heated bed: The heated bed with a power of no more than 150w can be connected directly to the motherboard. If the heated bed power is too large, please use a high-power MOS hot bed module.
About the USB port instructions: Note that the USB port can not be directly connected to the computer as a power input port. The USB port can be extended with a U disk, but please make sure the extension cable should not be used too long. In order to avoid the printing process failure, it is recommended to use the brand genuine U disk. The expansion disk or recycling U disk may lead to problems such as identification or printing crash.
LERDGE-K 3D Printer Board ARM 32Bit Controller Motherboard for 3D Printer Control Mainboard with Touch Screen Kit
For large-size machines, if you need to connect externally, please purchase an external drive adapter module to drive a larger motor, such as 57 motor, 86 motor, etc. The motherboard itself is recommended to drive 42 motor. As shown in the figure below.
LERDGE-K 3D Printer Board ARM 32Bit Controller Motherboard for 3D Printer Control Mainboard with Touch Screen Kit
LERDGE-K 3D Printer Board ARM 32Bit Controller Motherboard for 3D Printer Control Mainboard with Touch Screen Kit


Instructions for buying Lerdge Motherboard:

1.Because there are so many different BLTouch on the market, and the signal recognition are not uniform, Lerdge motherboard will no longer support BLTouch, and will not provide any further BLTouch related technical support. Only the standard rudder drive signal will be provided. If you insist on using BLTouch, please try it yourself. The example of testing the original/genuine BLTouch can be found in our official website. However, we do not guarantee that it will apply to all BLTouch in the market and shall not be liable for any loss arising from the use of Bltouch.
To purchase BLTouch accessories(or the ones similar to BLTouch), please do not ask our motherboard to support all the various types of BLTouch that in the market. Thanks for understanding.

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