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DC-DC 400W 6-40V to 8v-80v 10A Boost Converter Step-up Module Power Supply


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Constant Current and voltage output.

  • Advanced microprocessor,
  • Use button precisely regulated output voltage, current
  • 4 bit high brightness LED, real-time display output voltage, current , you can manually switch shown , can also be set auto rotate


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  • Constant Current and voltage output.
  • Advanced microprocessor,
  • Use button precisely regulated output voltage, current
  •  4 bit high brightness LED, real-time display output voltage, current , you can manually switch shown , can also be set auto rotate     


  • Input voltage : 6V -40V
  • Input Current:  15A(max)
  • Output voltage : 8V -80V(adjustable)
  • Output power:400W(max)
  • Output current: maximum output current of 10A ( adjustable )
  • Output power: the effective power P = input voltage V * 10A
  • Conversion efficiency: up to 95% ( input voltage, current; output voltage and current impact of conversion efficiency )
  • Short circuit protection : Fuse
  • Size :86*75*63mm
  • Net Weight : 10.6oz


  1. DIY an output adjustable  power supply, only need to enter the access 6v,12V.24v .36v power supply or battery  can be (14V-80V) free continuous adjustment, but the output voltage can not be lower than the input voltage.
  2. universal car laptop power supply. Input connected to 12V power supply, the output voltage can be adjusted to the notebook need work.
  3. Boost charger with 12V power supply is higher than 12V battery charging, for example, 24V battery and charging current can be adjusted.
  4. For electronic equipment power supply, as long as the voltage regulator to the required voltage and current does not exceed the rated current is normal.

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400W 6-40V to 8v-80v 10A Boost Converter Step-up Module Power

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Dimensions4 × 5 × 3.5 in