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10A DC-DC Adjustable CC CV Step UP Power Supply Module LCD Dual Display + Shell


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  • Wide input voltage: 10V-32V; Output voltage: 10-60V; The maximum output current is 8A; The maximum output power is 150W
  • The module adopt the delicated crystal shell and the LCD digital display, can full-screen display voltage and current; surrounded by hollow design, good to the heat dissipation
  • The conversion efficiency up to 95%; the operating temperature: -40 ~ +85 degrees
  • With the calibration function and short-circuit protection, easy to operate; the shell floor has a fan openings, can add fan to strengthen the heat dissipation
  • Widely suitable for direct drive LED, solar panels, wind turbines etc


Input Voltage: DC 10V-32V
Output Voltage: DC 10V-60V Continuously adjustable (only applies to the input voltage is less than the output voltage occasion, can not buck)
Input Current: Max 16A (More than 8A. Please enhance heat dissipation)
Output Current: Max 8A (More than 4A, Please enhance heat dissipation)
(Related to input and output dropout voltage, the greater the dropout voltage the smaller the output current)
Output Power: Max 90W in natural cooling, Max 150W in enhance heat dissipation.
Module Properties: non-isolated step-up module BOOST
Constant Current Output Range: 0.3-8A
Working Temperature:-40°C ~ +85°C (when ambient temperature is too high. please enhance heat dissipation)
Working Frequency: 150KHz
Conversion Efficiency: Up to 95% (efficiency of input and output voltage, current. dropout voltage related)
Short Circuit Protection: Yes (input 15A fuse)
Input Reverse Polarity Protection: None (If you need, please install diode by yourself)
Output Indicator: with charging indicator, charging yellow, Full blue.
Anti-anti-irrigation Output: Yes

Connection: terminals or solder terminals, IN is input, OUT is output
Module Dimensions: 80 x 53 x 35 L*W*H
Weight: 135g

This module has calibration function, don’t worry about the problem of inaccurate measurements. If you found inaccurate measurement, can use the following method of calibration. Just for the first time using a calibrated once!

Voltage Calibration: when power off status, keep press the “set” key. power on, enter the voltage calibration mode. then the LCD screen starts flashing. release the “set” key, press the “Set” button to increase, press the “ENT” button to reduction, until calibrated to the correct input voltage. For example: the input voltage is 12.65V, then the voltage was adjusted to 12.65V. then automatically saved after 2 seconds, power off,calibration is complete!

Special Instruction:
Some customers feedback that the output voltage of module can not be adjusted When they just receiving the item, this is because the module factory default output voltage at about 20V. When you encounter this problem. Please counterclockwise rotation ADJ-V potentiometer 10 laps or more, until the voltage value changes, then the module can be properly adjust the voltage.

Setting Instruction:
Setting key to set the display node, it have three types:
1, F-0 mode: Display output voltage:
2, F-1 node: Display input voltage:
3, F-2 mode: Alternating display input or output voltage

Instructions: Press the “SET” button to cycle through the three display modes, the corresponding indicator will be on or off, then press the “ENT” button to save and exit. if separate press ‘ENT” button to switch backlit LCD screen.

Using Instructions:
Adjusting Voltage: under no-load conditions, adjust the “constant voltage potentiometer ADJ-V”, so that the output voltage reaches the value you want: Adjustment Current: connected to the load, adjust the “constant current potentiometer ADJ-I”, so that the output current reaches the current value you want (the factory default is more than 2A, if you want to adjust the current value is small. more counter-clockwise tune laps will change), if you do not need constant current,it don’t need adjustment:

Indicator color change instruction: Charge turn lamp current factory default is 0.1 times the charging
current:battery during charging. the current is gradually reduced, gradually turned from the constant current charging to constant voltage charging, if the charging current setting is IA, then when the charge current is less than 0.1A. the charging yellow indicator light off, full of blue indicator lights up and the battery is fully charged.

Package included:
1 x DC-DC Adjustable Step-up CV CC Power Module
1 x Cover Shell (Shell is kits, it need installed by yourself)

Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions4 × 3 × 2 in