BrotherHobby Returner R6 2306 1660KV 6S Brushless CW Motor – Rainbow


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The BrotherHobby Returner R6 2306 1660KV 6S Brushless CW Motor – Rainbow  has an updated prop-grab kind of system, where the top of the motor is textured to grab the prop better than the R5. a motor based on the popular Brother Hobby R6 Returner but re-wound for 6s racing action!

The 2306 2450kv Limited Edition FPV motor, by Brotherhobby, is the company’s newest offering. Built to compete against the other 2306 motors on the market.  The Brotherhobby motor features incredible  low end torque and high end speed.  This combination makes the 2306 motors ideal for racing and freestyle pilots alike. In addition the Brotherhobby 2306 2450kv Returner R6 has Ezo bearings, which cut down on weight while at the same time allowing for higher motor RPM. The motor is also has a minimal bottom so as to cut down on the weight of the motor.


  • Item name: Special Edition R6 2306
  • KV: 1660
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Thread: Clockwise (CW)
  • Cells (LiPo): 6S 
  • Rotor: N52H arc magnets
  • Wire AWG: 20AWG
  • Shaft: Titanium Alloy hollow shaft
  • Stator: 0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steel
  • Bearings: Japan EZO 9*4*4mm 
  • Base casing: Al 7075
  • Bell cap: Al 7075
  • Weight: about 28.3 (without wire)


  • 1x BrotherHobby R5 2306 motor
  • 1x Prop Nut
  • 4x M3 screws

BrotherHobby Returner R6 2306 Brushless Motor

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