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Pinbetween Board for micro:bit


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Pinbetween gives you access to all of the micro:bit’s pins at the same time as using an edge-connector add-on, and it’s completely solderless!

The 40-pin male header on Pinbetween lets you use jumper jerky to connect extra bits to your micro:bit while using an edge-connector add-on like our enviro:bit, for example.

Plug your micro:bit into the edge-connector at the top, attach your micro:bit add-on at the bottom, and then use the handily grouped and labelled pins in-between for whatever you wish!

Note: micro:bit, enviro:bit, breadboard, etc. pictured are not included!


  • Comes fully-assembled and ready to use
  • 40-pin male header for use with jumper jerky
  • Grouped and labelled pins
  • Plenty of power pins (9x 3V, 12x ground)
  • Male edge connector for micro:bit add-ons
  • Compatible with micro:bit and micro:bit v2
  • No soldering required!
  • Dimensions: 56×41.5x12mm

Pinbetween Board for micro:bit Pinbetween Board for micro:bit Pinbetween Board for micro:bit Pinbetween Board for micro:bit

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