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5A DC-DC Constant Current Voltage 5V 12V 24 Step Down Power Power Charger Module


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  • Wide input voltage: 6V-32V; Output voltage: 1.5-32V; The maximum output current is 5A
  • The module adopt the delicated crystal shell and the LCD digital display, can full-screen display voltage and current
  • With the input anti-reverse function and calibration function, easy to operate; the shell floor has a fan openings, can add fan to strengthen the heat dissipation
  • With USB interface, the USB output voltage is the same as module output voltage, USB can not output when USB indicator does not shine, set the USB light is not fixed the 5V output, charging of USB devices before you confirm to 5V, the screen will flash if higher than 5.5V, Will remind to adjust voltage, otherwise it may damage your device, USB output power is off by default, to ensure the misplug of USB can not damage the device
  • Applications: used as an ordinary step-down module with over-current protection/ use as a battery charger/ as a constant current LED driver module etc


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Module parameters:

  • Input voltage: 6V-32V
  • Output voltage: 1.5-32V continuously adjustable (can only be used to do buck module, the input must be greater than the output 1.5V or more)
  • Output current: adjustable, the maximum 5A (recommended in the use of 4.5A, more than 3A or 35W is best to strengthen the heat. Constant current output voltage can be adjusted above 2V, current regulation, only in constant current state will work , If used to punch mobile phones, not the number of current adjustment, how much charge phone, constant current mainly to the low resistance of the battery charge current limit or LED work, such as limiting the use)
  • Output power: maximum 75W (recommended in the use of 50W, the use of large pressure to reduce power)
  • Operating temperature: -20 ~ +70 degrees (Note the use of power tube temperature, more than please strengthen the heat)
  • Operating frequency: 180KHz
  • Conversion efficiency: up to 96%
  • Short-circuit protection: Yes, constant current Constant current value set
  • Over-temperature protection: Yes (automatic shutdown after over-temperature output)
  • Input reverse protection: Yes, (upgraded version of the new features)
  • Installation: 8 copper pillars, 8 3mm screws
  • Connection: terminals or solder terminals, VIN as input, VOUT as output
  • Module size: length 65.6mm width 40mm high 25mm
  • Weight: 77g

Setting Description:

Setting key to set the display mode is divided into four categories:

  1. Shows the output voltage;
  2.  Showing the input voltage;
  3.  Alternating input and output voltage;
  4. USB output voltage and turn on or off USB output

Press “SET” button to display 4 kinds of display modes. The corresponding indicator will be on or off. Press “OK” key to save and exit. Press “OK” key alone to switch the backlight of LCD screen.

Calibration Method:
Calibration voltage: Power off, hold down the “set” key, then power on to enter the
voltage calibration mode, the LCD screen starts flashing, release the setting key, press the “Settings” button to add, “OK” for the subtraction, calibrated to the correct input voltage, are automatically saved after 2 seconds, power is withdrawn calibration is complete!

(Note: USB output voltage and the output voltage of the module is consistent, the USB indicator does not light, there is no USB output, set USB lights are not fixed 5V output, to make sure before charging a USB device transferred to 5V, if the screen is higher than 5.5V flashes will remind adjust the voltage, or else it may damage your device, USB output power is off by default, make sure that USB plug mistake will not damage the device.)

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