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Touch Color Screen + PanelDue Controller Board For Duet Wifi Advanced 32 Bit mainboard. 4.3″ – 5″ – 7″


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4.3″ – 5″ – 7″ Touch Color Screen + PanelDue Controller Board For Duet Wifi Advanced 32 Bit mainboard

The control board and firmware support 3 screen sizes: 4.3″, 5″ and 7″, at two resolutions: 480×272 (4.3-inch displays) or 800×480 pixels (5- and 7-inch displays). Note that the lower resolution of the 4.3” display means that it cannot display as much information on the screen – for example a maximum of 4 extruders, as shown in the picture.
Please note that at the moment we are not supplying 7” displays as we were not happy with the quality of our last batch of 7” LCDs and are looking for a new supplier.
5V power from host 3D printer controller.
2-wire async serial interface with 3.3V signal level (5V tolerant input).
Connections to the external SD card socket that is included on most compatible displays is available via a 10-way ribbon cable connector on version 2.0 PanelDue boards.
4-wire cable to connect the PanelDue to your controller board for the serial and power connections.
The control board without a screen is also available however a 4.3”, 5” or 7” SSD1963 LCD panel is required and the instructions on David Crocker’s PanelDue blog must be followed.
Based on the DuetWifi by Think3dPrint3d and Esher3d. This reproduction/modification is not endorsed or supported in any way by Think3dPrint3d or Escher3d”.
Package List:
1pc PanelDue screen
1pc PanelDue control board(not original)
1pc connect cable