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Smoothieboard 5cX  is a controller board for digital fabrication machines. It is made to be used in 3D printers ( Reprap ), laser cutters, and CNC mills.

Compared to most existing boards, it is based on a more powerful microcontroller, is much simpler to configure and use, and offers many new features.


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Smoothieboard 5cX  is OpenSource, this means there are countless support sites and an entire community helping each other. OFFICIAL SMOOTHIEBOARD

The New !  1.1 version

  1. Upgraded stepper drivers to A5984 with 32x microstepping
  2. Added a solder jumper (JP36) for MS3 on new A5984 drivers
  3. Current limiting resistors (R78, R65-R68, R84-R85) changed for VBB powered LEDs to 8.2K
  4. Electrolytic capacitor (C84) added to the 5V power system
  5. The electrolytic capacitor (C63) for the 5x mosfet set has been moved and increased its footprint size
  6.  Flyback diodes (D7-D9) added to small mosfet outputs to protect from inductive loads like small fans


  • 32bits ARM-Cortex M3 microcontroller, running at 120Mhz
  • Integrated 4GB micro-SD card
  • Digital current control of stepper motor drivers
  • Runs 3D printers (Including dual extruder setups), laser cutters and CNC machines
  • five  Allegro A5984 stepper motor drivers with digital current control able to drive up to 2A each with 32x microstepping
  • three small MOSFETs for controlling external peripherals such as small fans or hotends
  • three big MOSFETs for controlling large resistive loads like heated beds
  • Ethernet support
  • Pre-soldered connectors
  • Easy configuration by editing a file on the micro-SD card
  • Ethernet support, presenting a Web interface, and a Telnet interface
  • Direct access to the micro-SD card when connected to a computer via USB
  • USB-B supporting concurrent acces via serial using host software, on the same USB cable
  • More precise and higher speed movement
  • More correct and longer-ahead prediction of acceleration and movement
  • Multiple arm solutions ( cartesian, delta, h-bot, etc … )
  • Hostless usage possible with a control panel
  • Good heatsinking, allowing full use of the stepper drivers potential
  • 6 endstops
  • 4 thermistors
  • Many configuration options
  • SPI, I2C and serial port, free GPIO pins available for extension
  • Can be easily interfaced with external drivers for use with more powerful stepper motors
  • Can control a laser tube for laser cutting
  • Can control a spindle and other accesories for a CNC mill.
  • Very active community and development
  • Rich documentation ( see below )
  • Modular firmware making it easier to add features and to integrate into new machine designs
  • Provided pre-flashed and ready to use
  • RepRap compatible

For more details and specifications check out the following links:

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