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I should have studied at Radio Shack .

《《《 A bit hard to decipher the ( how to use) mppt directions.¤ I have learned quite alot in the past 6 months, enough to actually understand I'm gonna get shocked or start a fire .. <<< it amazes me how small these gadgets can be and do amazingly great jobs .¤ And the price I think it much lower than Radio Shack _ if were still around _ would sell it ..

Then when I got the product - fail

One of the cobs wire interface popped right off of the case with no pressure at all. I have contacted the vendor about general questions about thermal properties, case temperature thresholds etc - no responses.

poor quality

does not tighten down very well tube is loos unless you use pliers to tighten tube i had to put a o ring around tube to tighen it up and be able to move it with out using pliers to loose it

100w full spectrum

Lights work great.
Quiet and made well enough to do the job.
They run pretty cool too.

Direct voltage also has the best customer service.

Product not delivered

Product was not delivered, no reply when I asked for assistance either. This was my only interaction after sales...they wanted a review of a product I never recieved...

<p>Hi. sorry for the delay. International orders to Canada have no delivery date guarantee. I will contact USPS to see if I can resolve this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.</p>

Excellent add-on for my 90 watt CO2 Laser

I recently purchased this as an add-on for my 90w CO2 laser. I didn't wanted to be able to adjust the current so that I could set the max current limitations as well as see the current output to the laser tube. This is critical to the overall lifespan of a laser tube and this unit was plug and play with my MJYG 100 power supply. Excellent buy!

Worked for a little over a week then stopped...

I added this to my 3d printers 24v power supply to run a 5v 120mm fan for ventilation. Worked great at first, and suddenly died today, just a little over a week after getting it. No magic smoke or anything, it just quit. The housing was well ventilated and located near an air conditioner, so I doubt it overheated. Either way, it's dead now. I hope it was just a defective one.

shipping was fast. Kit was easy enough to set up. Looks great. I will report back with results.

very happy with this

Been using this for about a month and a half now and it has been great for me. There web interface is so well thought out and makes my life so much easier. Little things, like having an indicator for when the z probe is triggered (and whether it's high or low) on the main screen, saved me so much time and trouble during the setup process. One thing I don't like is that there is only one option for bed leveling: mesh. You probe, say, 90 points on your bed to map the high and low points of the bed, then every time you print you just home the z axis. What if the bed becomes tilted between prints? A 3 point probe before printing that tilts the mesh would be better. Maybe add UBL.
I'm using this on my creality ender 4 (converted to CoreXY) and it works wonderfully. My printer is almost silent and I have 256x microstepping going too. I'm using the paneldue clone from this very site, which is also very good.
I was surprised to see the speed of uploading files via there duet web interface, I used a serial interface before (10 minutes to the duet's 2 seconds)
There's a Cura plugin that lets you print directly to your duet too, but I think Cura's latest update broke a lot of plugins. We have to wait for a plugin update or use an old version of Cura.
A few tips:

If you plan on buying the paneldue, I'd recommend the 5" or larger, if you go smaller you get a lower resolution screen and I think the user interface is laid out differently because they couldn't fit everything.

Also about the paneldue: I wouldn't recommend trying to use the SD card slot in it. The duet always defaults to the micro SD card, so using the reader in the paneldue is a pain in the butt. Which leads to my next tip:
Buy a micro SD card. If you don't have one, buy one. The firmware goes on it, so the duet won't work without it.Gcode files can get pretty big, up into the hundreds of megabytes. If you don't want to be cleaning your micro SD card all the time, get a nice big one.


I have two grows of identical plants and the one using full spectrum 50W LED looks way better than plants under 300K LED arrays. I plan on building more full spectrum LED arrays for their more efficient use of electricity..


I have several 12V solar systems on the property and these make great at-a- glance battery monitors. I may put a few more in cars and of course I have one just on gator clips for portable use.

Gaisma boards rock!

Went with this over the Quantum board. No regrets. Good solid well made board.

Very fast delivery. Ships from central Kansas. Good sturdy brackets.

Awesome looks, outstanding build quality, jet engine sound. Very smooth performance, lots of torque.

Another solid motor from BrotherHobby. KV ratings are dead on. Mated with 6" propellers. Loving it.